Image of "Muscadine Magic" e-book

Muscadine Magic

My book Muscadine Magic is available on Amazon for $9.99. It is also available as a free download here. A word of warning. If you believe in conventional medicine and…

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muscadine vineyard

Muscadine Grapes

I only learned about Muscadine grapes, the “All-American” grapes, in the summer of 2011, even though I’d been faithfully adding grape seed supplements to my diet since the early 90’s….

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Woman enjoying sunlight

Vitamin D

“D or Die” is the title of the Vitamin D chapter in the Muscadine Magic book. It’s not hyperbole. A deficiency of vitamin D has been shown in many studies…

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neon "Coffee" sign


I start every day with a pot or more of organic coffee. Few foods have been researched more than coffee, and the research says that for most people, coffee is…

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My furry child Jacquemot


One Saturday morning in October of 2019 we awoke to find one of our beloved cats, Jacquemot (pronounced “Jacamo”), having a problem we couldn’t diagnose. He had seemed fine the…

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Young Family Grounding at the Beach


If there’s a problem with near-perfect health, it’s that you can’t always tell when you’ve discovered a useful health-promoting tool. Most of the things I do and take I do…

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lean, fit woman

Intermittent Fasting

Scientists have known for some time that they could improve the health and extend the lifespan of most organisms by simply restricting calories. It works, but for most people, it’s…

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Organic Restaurant

Restaurant Dining

I have little choice but to buy and prepare almost everything I eat. My adopted hometown, New Orleans, is famous for its restaurants, and rightly so. The food is gourmet…

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woman with very small waist

Keto Caveat

My wife and I started 2019 adjusting to the Keto lifestyle. We’d been leaning towards low carb for a while, but got serious after finishing the holiday leftovers. The goal…

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woman doing pushups

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is simply any form of exercise that creates an oxygen debt (breathing harder than normal) and takes only a few minutes max. Then a brief rest…

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