Young Family Grounding at the Beach

If there’s a problem with near-perfect health, it’s that you can’t always tell when you’ve discovered a useful health-promoting tool. Most of the things I do and take I do on faith. I trust my research. That’s definitely the case with earthing.

Earthing, or grounding, is simply connecting your bare skin to the earth. It may be the simplest secret of all to maintaining good health. All electrical systems need to be grounded, and the human body is absolutely an electrical system.

The negatively-charged electrons from the earth will fight the positively-charged reactive oxygen species (ROS), or oxygen free-radicals, just as the antioxidant nutrients in the supplements we pay dearly for.

I used to fuss at my wife for walking barefoot outside. Now I do it myself almost every day. I also bought a grounded floor mat and a grounded mouse pad that both plug into the grounding outlets in the wall. I keep them at my standing desk and use them every day.

Studies suggest that Earthing reduces every measure of stress.

Dr Laura Koniver, the “Intuition Physician” ( posted an article on her website titled “10 Ways Grounding Can Directly Support Your Health During This Pandemic”.

This is a fantastic post and so appropriate for the times we are living in. Well worth a read.

If you’re interested in giving grounding a try, but don’t want to go barefoot outside for whatever reason, there are shoes with grounding plugs in the ball of the foot area, grounding mats like I use, grounding sheets for sleeping, and grounding patches to target specific areas of the body.

I recently watched “The Earthing Movie” and was blown away. I can’t imagine anyone watching this documentary and not being convinced of the many health benefits of grounding.

“The Earthing Movie” is available for sale at for $9.99. I purchased several dozen copies of this movie at discount, and until further notice, am offering to mail the DVD, at my expense, to anyone in the US or Canada who purchases my Kindle book, “Muscadine Magic”, at the retail price of $9.99. All you need to do is email your receipt and your postal mailing address to

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