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I have little choice but to buy and prepare almost everything I eat. My adopted hometown, New Orleans, is famous for its restaurants, and rightly so. The food is gourmet quality at nearly every price level.

But I would think that any restaurant that used only GMO-free ingredients or offered GMO-free menu items would advertise that fact. Few New Orleans restaurants advertise such.

I suspect the same problem exists in most other cities. The most successful restaurants are those whose food tastes the best, not whose food is healthiest.

It seems like most restaurants are in the business of making garbage taste divine.

With the publication of this blog, I will attempt to convince restaurants to offer at least one organic or non-GMO menu item so that health-conscious diners can enjoy an occasional meal out.

If you own a restaurant that offers Organic/GMO-free menu items or know of a restaurant that does please send an email with the details to

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